sábado, 8 de março de 2014

SF ghetto mentality

"The establishment of magazines which specialized in SF alone - excluding all else - institutionalized the division between highbrow and lowbrow. Such classification, never openly acknowledged, led eventually to some prodigies; but for a short period it debased the product by appealing to an ardent and uncritical readership; while in the long run it induced an ‘SF ghetto’ mentality from which both readers and writers still scheme to escape (or imagine they have escaped)."

"Above all, they  depict a technological culture as a continuing process - often continuing over thousands of millions of years. Although the writers (optimistically or blindly) neglected the vital factor of depletion Earth's mineral and other resources, they perceived that Western civilization rests increasingly on a non-random process of innovation."

"We must not be seduced by such technological romanticism. Civilization, with all its flaws, is precious. Whatever succeeds it will be worse."

"...the evolution of McLuhan’s global village has involved increasing numbers of people in a forward-directed world outlook which features SF. "

"... a long-established SF convention that Everything Falls Apart in the Final Chapter."

Brian Aldiss, David Wingrove (1988). Trillion year spree : the history of science fiction. Londres: Grafton Paladin.

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