quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

State of exhaustion

"While the world of literary horror positively bristles with newfound creative energy and the grandees of epic fantasy are canonised by american cable TV, science fiction drifts aimlessly between nostalgia and self-immolation as awards and critial plaudits are split between the people who produce old-fashioned science fiction stories and the people who produce stories that could just as easily have been written under the auspices of an entirely different genre."

"... science fiction is in a state of exhaustion. Its core ideas and values have now played themselves out to the point where they not only lack social relevance but also fail to resonate with contemporary audiences."

Notas do ensaio Future Interrupted na Interzone 246, a ressoar um certo mal estar com uma visão quase fossilizada da FC contemporânea.

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