domingo, 10 de março de 2013

Wobbles orthodox thinking

"See, you have to compare the ’60s counterculture with other countercultures. The countercultures a hundred years ago were made up of elite gentlemen who smoked opium and talked about Darwin. To be pro-Darwin was wildly counterculture about a hundred years ago."

“Counterculture is the only way that we can evolve and that’s why every established culture is against theories of evolution right now. The Catholic Church and Protestant churches certainly are telling people to hate the concept of evolution. The counterculture is almost always connected with media, poets, and writers and musicians. It always has to do with language and theater.”

"Anything that stimulates, shakes, or wobbles orthodox thinking is passionately opposed by the controlling culture. You simply can’t have a rigid totalitarian orthodox culture with people that are getting wild and drunk. Intoxication has always been part of humanist religion because it’s the way to not focus and escaping mind control."

Timothy O'Leary citado por James Carrott no livro Vintage Tomorrows.

James Carrott, Brian Johnson (2013). Vintage Tomorrows. Sebastopol: O'Reilly Media

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