quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Channel Sk1n @ Coilhouse

Interessante ponto de vista no Coilhouse sobre Channel Sk1n, o mais recente e intrigante livro de Jeff Noon: This is Noon in high gear, showcasing his meticulous gifts as a wordsmith, his rebellious approach to storytelling, and his knack for multi-sensory invocation. Both brightly visual and highly sonic, the narrative is full of fine-tuned passages which, when read aloud, parse like complex music, syncopated by bursts of oddly catchy static. It’s restless Burroughsian cut-up ambiance– a bookish kind of scrying-via-late night satellite TV surfing. More adventurous readers in his audience are certain to tune in, and rejoice.

Precisamente. E já agora sugiro que agora vão acompanhando o Coilhouse. Está sempre cheio de ideias interessantes, eye candy de alta qualidade, projectos artísticos intrigantes e coisas globalmente entusiasmantes.

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