sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Oh, for a parachute!

Do diário de John Grider, piloto de caça na I Guerra, citado no livro The Mammoth Book of Fighter Pilots. Pega-se num livro de relatos de combate aéreo... e saem palavras sentidas de quem amava voar, combatia com cavalheirismo e sabia que cada dia podia ser o seu último. Excepção feita pelo às Billy Bishop, completamente psicopata a relatar o gozo que lhe dava ver os aviões inimigos a despenhar-se em chamas sob o fogo das suas balas.

It’s not the fear of death that’s done it. I’m still not afraid to die. It’s this eternal flinching from it that’s doing it and has made a coward out of me. Few men live to know what real fear is. It’s something that grows on you, day by day, that eats into your constitution and undermines your sanity. I have never been serious about anything in my life and now I know that I’ll never be otherwise again. But my seriousness will be a burlesque for no one will recognize it. Here I am, twenty-four years old, I look forty and I feel ninety. I’ve lost all interest in life beyond the next patrol. No one Hun will ever get me and I’ll never fall into a trap, but sooner or later I’ll be forced to fight against odds that are too long or perhaps a stray shot from the ground will be lucky and I will have gone in vain. Or my motor will cut out when we are trench straffing or a wing will pull off in a dive. Oh, for a parachute!

The devastation of the country is too horrible to describe. It looks from the air as if the gods had made a gigantic steam roller, forty miles wide and run it from the coast to Switzerland, leaving its spike holes behind as it went.

When I go out to get in my plane my feet are like lead – I am just barely able to drag them after me. But as soon as I take off I am all right again. That is, I feel all right, tho I know I am too reckless. Last week I actually tried to ram a Hun. I was in a tight place and it was the only thing I could do. He didn’t have the nerve to stand the gaff and turned and I got him. I poured both guns into him with fiendish glee and stuck to him tho three of them were on my tail. I laughed at them.

Jon Lewis, Julian Jenkins (2002). The Mammoth Book of Fighter Pilots. Londres: Constable & Robinson.

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