domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

Deserto do real


Wait. But the sprites that follow, follow? Think! What if, I was... captured there, on record, in the alley next to the body. Rumours: that sprites see reality, the real deal, the world as it is, the never seen, never felt, never heard, the world behind the veil of pixels... wonder what I, what I look like, there.... Zero Rez, they call it, NO REZ. The unmediated world, cold analog, urgh, scary, makes me, makes me shiver... feel sick. The stories they tell of what remains, naked of pixels: a place of dirt, decay, ruin, weeds, rust, trash, dust, silence, the void, rats, infestation, disease, the Desert of the Real... 

Conto absolutamente awesome de Jeff Noon na Interzone #260, uma experiência linguística alucinante na colisão entre o virtual e o real. Puro cyberpunk, e pura linhagem do experimentalismo da New Worlds.

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