domingo, 20 de outubro de 2013

Trapped in the future

"There were eyes in every window.
He was trapped in the future, and everyone was watching him."

“There,” said Westover. “On the standard setting, it’s going to give you live feeds from whichever Ambient Security cams surround your GPS location. Tap that, and you go to the Forward setting, grabbing the live feed from the cameras ten to twenty yards ahead of your location.”
“What’s that for?”
“Pursuit,” said Westover, looking at Tallow like he was an idiot. “Do you not understand what my company does? We’re going to take your job, Tallow.”
“I believe I’ve had the company lecture on that once or twice,” Tallow murmured.
“Right. With Ambient Security, I can outsource and crowd-source the very concept of criminal pursuit in this city. The red button launches a speakerphone call to a live operator in the ops room. I don’t need a bunch of cops and cars on the ground. I could chase and take down a speeding car with one operator using the Forward setting and a drone.”

Warren Ellis (2013). Gun Machine. Nova Iorque: Mulholland Books

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