sábado, 23 de março de 2013

Musty antique feel

The one thing we know for sure about state-of-the-art ebook readers is that a few years down the line they'll have the musty antique feel of VHS, Betamax, punched computer cards or wax phonograph cylinders.

There's a 1968 Isaac Asimov story called "the Holmes-Ginsbook Device", set in a world of advanced digital reading technology. The title's two innovators devise a system of pritinig page images and assembling them into a kind of codex, a physical entity that needs only hands and eyes to read. Of course the inventors are unfairly forgotten whe the device bearing their names is shortened by popular usage to "book".

David Langford, a comentar cheio de bom humor a questão dos livros digitais na SFX #233.

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