quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012


This blogger with a little read blog from the deep end of the internet supports the SOPA Blackout. It's an american law proposal, but the internet is a global medium. Unilateral censorship actions in one country can have repercussions accross the world. Stopping piracy is no excuse for censorship and trampling individual freedoms - precisely the set of ideas that made america great in the eyes of the world. I'm not american, but i understand that in a globalized world, connected via the internet, this sort of laws have immediate consequences with the proposed shutting down of any site, at the root, without due process, and prolonged consequences. Inspired by SOPA's example, other legislative bodies in other countries are easy prey to special interest groups that wish to keep culture under it's claws, monetizing what they want and censoring everything else. Keep the internet, this wonderful new media, free!

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